SAP Presents Wise Athena.
October 2017

Recorded Webinar. You will learn how AI can help to increase sales & margins while significantly reducing the time taken for pricing and trade promotion decisions to be made. With Wise Athena AI's prediction tools you will make better pricing decisions.

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Eliminating Telco Fraud with Self-Learning Machines.
March 21, 2015

Wise Athena has presented the first fraud-prevention service specifically built for Telecom operators. The new service uses machine learning, cognitive analytics and smart visualizations to stop and prevent fraud in Telecom networks. Wise Athena technology delivers an 800% increase in human perception compared to traditional visualizations, providing answers for relevant questions as yet unimagined.

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Applying Deep Learning to Churn Prediction.
December 10, 2014

Wise Athena has become the first company to apply deep learning to customer churn prediction. Churn, defined as the loss of customers to competitors, is currently one of the most pressing challenges for companies. Only the Telecommunications sector is estimated to lose $10 billion per year due to customer churn. Being able to predict churn in advance has become a highly valuable insight to retain and increase a company`s customer base.

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